Which router should I choose?

There are no hard and fast rules as to when an upgraded WiFi router will provide better performance or user experience, so the following examples should simply be used as a guide. You will need to take into account your own particular circumstances, unique requirements and environment if choosing an upgrade. It is important to note that it is the WiFi component of these routers that makes the most difference. If routers are hardwired to the devices then a faster throughput will generally always be achieved. Click Broadband supplies two categories of WiFi Router for NBN services – Standard Model and Hi-Range Model.

Standard Model

The standard model router we supply with our NBN plans is NetComm’s Wireless NF10WV – it provides a good value to performance ratio as it provides good performance with all plans. With the NBN12 plan there is no real benefit gained by upgrading to a better WiFi router. With the NBN25, NBN50 & NBN100 plans, it will depend on how heavy the usage will be – the standard model is good enough for single user requirements but the Hi-Range Model will definitely provide a better WiFi performance.


Hi-Range Model

A High-Range router is an over-kill for most home users but if you are a heavy duty serious gamer with multiple simultaneous gaming users, streaming video, calling or using other heavy duty remote applications, or if you are a business with multiple POS terminals or sharing WiFi with customers or have approximately 5 users constantly accessing remote internet based applications (Office productivity, CRMs, Invoicing, etc) then this may be a more suitable choice when combined with a NBN50 or NBN100 plan. NetComm’s Wireless NF18ACV which we supply as an upgrade option is designed for serious simultaneous multi-user heavy gaming, video streaming and other demanding applications.

BYO Modem

You may want to use your own router with our Click Broadband NBN services and therefore you will not need to purchase another. However, the router must be capable of connecting and operating on the NBN via your NBN connecting medium, must be configurable to operate on the NBN network via Click Broadband and must be in current working order.