User Guides: How Do I Connect My BYO Modem?

Click broadband is happy to support your BYO modem and to make this as simple as possible we have a standard configuration that’s supported by the majority of modems/routers.

To get started please ensure your modem is capable of connecting to the NBN technology for your location by doing the following checks:

FTTN or FTTB – your modem needs to support VDSL2. Use a standard telephone cable to connect the telephone wall point directly to the DSL/VDSL port on your modem. If your modem has a DSL light this will start flashing before going solid to indicate successful sync.

HFC / FTTP / FTTC or Fixed Wireless – your modem/router needs to have a WAN/Internet port or a LAN/WAN combo port. Use an Ethernet cable to connect from the designated UNI-D port on the NTD to the WAN port on your router. (Some modem/routers will require you to switch the operation mode from DSL modem mode to router mode.)

If you are unsure of your connection type, simply ask us via LiveChat or call us on
1300 254 255

Configuring Your BYO Modem/Router

  1. Connect to your modem/router via wired or WiFi connection
  2. Open a web browser window
  3. Enter the IP of your modem (this usually located on the sticker of your device). Here are a few common ones:
  • Asus:
  • Billion:
  • D-Link: or http://dlinkrouter or
  • Fritzbox:
  • Huawei:
  • Netcomm:
  • Netgear: or or
  • Sagemcom F@st: or or
  • Technicolor:
  • TP-Link: or

If your device asks for login details the most common is username = admin, password = admin

Netgear routers commonly uses username =  admin, password = password

Connection Settings

Once you’ve logged into your modem/router, you’ll be required to change the following settings:

    • Connection type = PPPoE
    • No VLAN tagging
    • Username = the one supplied to you (whole address required, looks like an email address)
    • Password = the one provided to you (this is case sensitive)

If you are running through a wizard you can just use the defaults it selects but for reference these might help:

    • Does your connection require a login = yes
    • ISP = Other
    • IP address = Get dynamically from ISP
    • DNS server = Get dynamically from ISP
    • Connection mode = Always on
    • MAC address = Use Default

If you are having trouble configuring your BYO Modem/Router, we’re always here to help. Simply reach us via LiveChat or call us on 1300 254 255.